1. Che and Leah

    The work Boyer and Sons Construction did for us…. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! Not only was the work they did top notch – they were the most professional and pleasant construction company we have ever worked with. The quality of their work is unlike anything we dreamed of! They helped us design most of the work — they have so many awesome ideas and can deliver on all of them! The job site was always neat and tidy. The whole work crew was super conscientious that their job site was also our home. They paid attention to the project as a whole and also every little detail! AND they never missed a deadline! It was an A+ experience!!!!! We definitely recommend Boyer and Sons Construction!!!!

    • Mike Boyer

      I still tell people about working with the Millers. Two of the most generously creative folks I’ve worked for!! We got to create things that you only see in magizines because they allowed and encouraged out of the box thinking. Can’t wait to see how their to girls grow into their calling with Che and Leah as parents! Keep it up!!


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